4 Considerations When Choosing a Dental Restoration Option for Missing Front Teeth

Anyone who has ever lost a front tooth knows about the cosmetic, oral health and functional concerns that come along with the issue and the need for prompt dental restoration. It is helpful to understand the options available for replacing one or more missing front teeth.

How to replace missing front teeth

There are several options to consider when replacing missing front teeth, and it is important to choose the option that fits your needs and preference. The following are four of the more commonly recommended dental restoration options for the teeth that are most visible while smiling.

1. Dental implants

Dental implants look, feel and function almost the exact same as natural teeth, and they are essentially indistinguishable to natural teeth when others see your smile. Implants work especially well when only replacing one missing front tooth, although they also work well when several teeth need replacement. For a single missing tooth, a dental crown is typically attached to the abutment of the implant, whereas a bridge may be a recommended option for replacing multiple missing teeth. Dental implants do require a surgical procedure, however, so may not be ideal for those who are not willing and able to go through minor surgery.

2. Fixed bridge

Fixed bridges are a relatively noninvasive teeth replacement solution that involves using existing surrounding teeth to support a dental crown. Fixed bridges are ideal after a mouth injury that results in only one tooth or a small section of teeth getting lost, while the other teeth remain in healthy condition. They look very similar to a natural tooth, and they can last for more than a decade before needing to be repaired or replaced.

3. Partial denture

A partial denture is perhaps the least invasive way to replace a missing tooth long-term, although there are some drawbacks to consider along with the advantages. One of the advantages of a partial denture is that it looks the same as natural teeth, and no one is likely to know it is a replacement without being told. However, this option does require more care since partial dentures are typically removable, unless attached to a dental implant. It is important to keep partial dentures clean at all times by properly washing them daily.

4. Bonding or veneers

If teeth replacement is necessary for missing or severely damaged front teeth, then one of the aforementioned treatment options is probably more recommended. However, bonding or dental veneers may be appropriate if the teeth in questions do not have to be removed. If a tooth is damaged due to tooth decay or as a result of a blow to the face, the cosmetic dentist may try to repair the tooth by adding a dental crown, placing a dental veneer or using teeth bonding.

Find out more about dental restoration

Dental restoration is often essential when tooth loss occurs, especially if the tooth is more visible and causes a significant cosmetic concern while smiling. Our team helps patients with missing teeth promptly restore the look, function and health of the missing tooth.

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