Dental Anxiety

Scottsdale, AZ

It’s normal to be nervous when visiting a dentist and at Scottsdale Family Smiles, we’re experienced in providing care for patients who struggle with dental anxiety. If you avoid going to the dentist out of fear or discomfort, give us a call at our Scottsdale, AZ office and we can take every step to ensure that you’re comfortable during your visit.

In the meantime, read on to learn more about managing dental anxiety and sedation dentistry options.

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How Can I Reduce My Fear of Dental Visits?

When you visit our office, our team welcomes open discussion about dental anxiety. Simply tell the professional who’s helping you that you’re feeling anxious and we will cover the different options available to help reduce your discomfort. In some cases, music helps but in other situations, sedation dentistry is a more applicable choice.

How Can I Prepare for My Dental Visit?

You’re welcome to visit our office and meet with Dr. Fattah before your appointment. This way, you can take an office tour, discuss your concerns, and meet the staff. In becoming familiar with the environment, you may find yourself more comfortable than you expected when you arrive at your appointment.

Sedation Dentistry Can Reduce Dental Anxiety

In our Scottsdale dental office, we practice sedation dentistry to reduce dental anxiety in our patients. For your convenience, we have provided answers to common questions we receive from patients in regards to sedation dentistry.

Will I be asleep when sedated?

Usually, no. Sedation dentistry is designed to help you relax and while it can cause drowsiness, most patients do not fall asleep. You’ll remain in control of your body and you won’t be technically asleep.

Can everyone use sedation dentistry?

We offer several sedation options and in most cases, we can find a method that works for most patients. However, if you have health concerns, you’re welcome to call our office and ask questions.

How is sedation administered?

Most of the time, sedation is provided in pill form one hour before a patient’s appointment. It’s a gentle form of sedation and can be taken in addition to a pain reliever if the patient anticipates pain.

Will I be able to move?

Yes, you will be able to move and engage in conversation, though your response times may be a bit slower than what you’re used to. Because you’ll likely be sleepy and have delayed reflexes, it’s beneficial to have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

Are there any side effects?

Usually, the only side effect is extended drowsiness. The severity and duration of drowsiness depend on your response to the medication, and the level of sedation you receive. The sensation typically lasts for an hour, but it can take longer in some cases to fully leave your system.

Can children benefit from sedation dentistry?

Children may benefit from sedation when undergoing long procedures so that they can sit still long enough for the dentist to complete the procedure. However, children’s sedation is a specialty practice and isn’t offered at every office.

To learn more about either sedation dentistry or laser dentistry, call (480) 607-6937 and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. Our team will take every possible measure to reduce the elements that contribute to your dental anxiety.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Bright pleasant clean office. Staff very welcoming and friendly. Safety COVID precautions all in place. Never felt nervous about being examined without my mask. Dr. Fattah's very thorough exam found some teeth that need work

Karen | Patient

Dr. Fattah has incorporated the latest research and equipment in his practice. He looks beyond the issue to discover root cause. As individualized medicine becomes the standard of care, dentistry need to continuously evolve.

Nancy | Patient

We gladly travel for our whole family to see Dr. Fattah— we cannot recommend him enough! He’s very communicative, skilled and takes great care of each patient!

Sylvie | Patient

Had my very first visit there today. Have to give kudos to the whole staff. From the moment I walked in everyone was so pleasantly kind and accommodating!

Lexy | Patient

Dental Anxiety

Scottsdale, AZ

To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling (480) 607-6937.

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