Oral Cancer Screening

Scottsdale, AZ

An oral cancer screening is an important exam to look for signs of precancerous or cancerous conditions in the mouth. These screenings allow cancer to be detected earlier and treatment started promptly. At Scottsdale Family Smiles, we recommend an oral cancer screening at least once per year to ensure any abnormalities are caught early.

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What Happens During an Oral Cancer Screening?

We look for any signs of abnormal tissue, including lesions, mouth sores, red or white bumps or rough patches in the mouth. Our team may also notice changes in the position of your teeth. While most of the screening is visual, we will also feel for any lumps in your cheeks and inside your mouth. The oral cancer screening is gentle, yet thorough.
If we see anything that may be pre-cancerous or cancerous, we may perform a biopsy. During a biopsy, a portion of tissue is taken from your mouth for further testing. From there, Dr. Fattah and our team will provide next steps for you if further testing and treatment is necessary.

Who Is at Risk for Oral Cancer?

Those who smoke, chew tobacco or drink alcohol heavily have an increased risk for oral cancer. Some strains of the HPV virus can also cause oral cancer. People of all ages can be at risk, and those with risk factors should be diligent about scheduling screenings.
The most important way you can decrease your risk of oral cancer is to stop chewing smokeless tobacco products. This is the biggest risk factor for developing oral cancer. Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol only in moderation can also decrease your risk.

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If you notice any lumps or lesions in your mouth that don’t go away after several days, it’s important to have those examined. If you don’t notice abnormalities but have never had an oral cancer screening, now is a good time to start. Early detection can save a life.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Bright pleasant clean office. Staff very welcoming and friendly. Safety COVID precautions all in place. Never felt nervous about being examined without my mask. Dr. Fattah's very thorough exam found some teeth that need work

Karen | Patient

Dr. Fattah has incorporated the latest research and equipment in his practice. He looks beyond the issue to discover root cause. As individualized medicine becomes the standard of care, dentistry need to continuously evolve.

Nancy | Patient

We gladly travel for our whole family to see Dr. Fattah— we cannot recommend him enough! He’s very communicative, skilled and takes great care of each patient!

Sylvie | Patient

Had my very first visit there today. Have to give kudos to the whole staff. From the moment I walked in everyone was so pleasantly kind and accommodating!

Lexy | Patient

Oral Cancer Screening

Scottsdale, AZ

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