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Patients in and around Scottsdale trust Scottsdale Family Smiles for dental crown and bridge services. These procedures are designed to repair a tooth or selection of teeth that have become infected, damaged, worn, or even lost. Our dental professionals produce natural-looking results, as well as helping patients maintain proper oral health. If you live in Scottsdale, AZ call (480) 607-6937 to schedule your appointment so that you can learn more about dental crowns and dental bridges.

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What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are caps that cover a tooth, and they’re typically done to restore a damaged tooth. Different dental materials can be used to create functional, natural-looking crowns depending on the area of the mouth they’re installed in. For example, front teeth will utilize all-ceramic crowns so that they look like natural teeth. Out-of-sight teeth use a combination of metal and ceramic materials.

What Are Dental Bridges?

A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth if the patient does not want to wear dentures or have surgery performed. A bridge is held in place by two crowns (one on either side) so that the tooth is secure. This solution provides patients with a functional tooth that is virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Before the Procedure

If you are getting dental crowns or a dental bridge for cosmetic reasons, we recommend that you whiten your teeth first. At Scottsdale Family Smiles, we offer teeth whitening procedures that can improve the appearance of your smile quickly and easily. It is important to have this procedure done first because the material that crowns and bridges are made out of are both stain and bleach resistant. That means that if it is created to match yellow teeth, it will remain yellow even if you have your teeth whitened at a later date. When you have the procedure done first, your new crown or bridge will be made to match your new brilliantly white teeth.

When preparing for the procedure, we recommend that patients take a day off of work. If possible, you may want to take a couple of days off. It is normal for teeth to be somewhat sensitive, and it is easier if you don’t have to worry about meeting clients and keeping up with your busy schedule.

Crown / Bridge Procedures

Having a crown or bridge done involves preparation, the procedure itself, and an aftercare period. To prepare for the procedure, patients are advised to

  • Have their teeth whitened so that the crown or bridge matches your natural teeth for as long as possible.
  • Take at least one day off work so that there is ample time to recover when a patient’s teeth are most sensitive.

The procedure itself involves having an impression made of a patient’s teeth so that the crown or bridge can be custom-made for the best possible fit. The dentist will then prepare the tooth for a crown by removing a portion of the enamel, which allows room for the crown to fit over the tooth without crowding the mouth. The crown will then be secured to the tooth. When it comes to bridgework, an additional step is taken to secure the bridge to the crowns that were installed in the mouth. In both procedures, the new tooth is very durable, but it’s important to eat and brush with caution during the aftercare period. The teeth will likely be sensitive for a short time after the procedure is complete.

Crowns and bridges are both excellent choices for permanent tooth restoration. They return a tooth’s functionality and appearance, which makes it easy to eat, drink, and speak the way they did before the damage was done. If you reside in or around the Scottsdale, AZ area and you’d like to explore your tooth restoration options, please contact Scottsdale Family Smiles. One of our helpful staff members will schedule you an appointment with Dr. Fattah to go over each option available to you. Call us at 480-607-6937 today!

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Bright pleasant clean office. Staff very welcoming and friendly. Safety COVID precautions all in place. Never felt nervous about being examined without my mask. Dr. Fattah's very thorough exam found some teeth that need work

Karen | Patient

Dr. Fattah has incorporated the latest research and equipment in his practice. He looks beyond the issue to discover root cause. As individualized medicine becomes the standard of care, dentistry need to continuously evolve.

Nancy | Patient

We gladly travel for our whole family to see Dr. Fattah— we cannot recommend him enough! He’s very communicative, skilled and takes great care of each patient!

Sylvie | Patient

Had my very first visit there today. Have to give kudos to the whole staff. From the moment I walked in everyone was so pleasantly kind and accommodating!

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Crowns & Bridges

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