How Dentists Use Dental Crowns in Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental crowns are extremely versatile dental prosthetics. Dentists use these devices to deal with a variety of oral problems from tooth decay to small gaps between teeth. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, crowns can improve the way a person’s teeth look.

Cosmetic uses for dental crowns

Crowns can help deal with aesthetic issues like:

1. Poorly-shaped teeth

Sometimes, teeth simply do not come out looking the way they are supposed to. An otherwise healthy tooth can ruin the appearance of a person’s smile when it has visible deformities. Crowns are a preferred way of dealing with such issues since the prosthetic fully encloses the tooth. It hides the deformity from all angles, and a crown looks just like a natural tooth. The patient ends up with an improved smile.

2. Small spaces between teeth

Crowns can also be used to close up spaces between teeth. Dentists do this by installing oversize caps on the closest teeth to the gap. After the installation, the gap is no longer visible as the crowns touch each other as real teeth are supposed to.

3. Severe stains or discoloration

This is one of the most common uses of dental crowns in cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening treatments are the go-to solution for discoloration, but not all types of stains are responsive to the treatments. For example, tooth decay tends to turn teeth dark grey, and whitening treatments do not do much to improve the color. In such cases, the dentist might opt to use a crown to hide the discoloration. The crown covers the entire tooth, hiding its real color. All people see is a crown that looks just like a healthy, real tooth.

4. Hide chipped and otherwise damaged teeth

Crowns can also address issues like chips and other damage caused by trauma. A dentist can fix minor chips or breaks with composite bonding or, even, veneers, but severe damage requires a crown to protect the tooth from further damage and restore its original appearance.

5. With other prosthetics

Crowns sometimes work with other dental prosthetics like bridges and implants. They serve as anchors on both sides of a bridge and as an artificial tooth on an implant. Implants and bridges are solutions for missing teeth, with the former being the most effective option.

Taking care of dental crowns

One of the great benefits of dental crowns is the fact that there is no need for specialized cleaning. It only requires the same level of cleaning real teeth do. That allows the patient to forget the prosthetic is even there in the first place. Patients do not have to make any changes to their dental hygiene routine after receiving the crown; they can treat it just like a regular tooth.

Get the crown you deserve

If you are dealing with issues like a severely stained, deformed or damaged tooth, a dental crown can restore your tooth’s appearance. Stop by our Scottsdale office and explore how crowns and other dental prosthetics can give you an improved smile.

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