Will I Be Able to Eat With My New Dentures?

If you want to talk to your dentist about getting dentures, you probably have a ton of questions. Most patients want to know how real artificial teeth look. Patients also want to know if wearing dentures means giving up their favorite foods. With a proper fit, people will have no problem chewing.

No reason to sacrifice

Just about everyone has heard a horror story or two about denture wearers. Many of these have to do with bad experiences while eating. For instance, there are stories about people having their dentures fall out onto the table. There are also stories about wearers giving up all the types of food they enjoyed the most. As long as a person sees the right dentist, custom-made dentures look, feel and function great.

Are there limitations?

Although people who have dentures can eat most everything, dentists do provide a list of foods for wearers to avoid as much as possible. Before making a final decision, potential wearers should learn what foods are acceptable versus the ones to avoid. That way, there are no unpleasant surprises. This will also help when planning meals or dining at restaurants.

  • Caffeine — In moderation, coffee and tea will not stain dentures, but when consuming large amounts, it can lead to a dry mouth
  • Popcorn — For obvious reasons, people who wear dentures should try to avoid popcorn as it can become lodged in between spaces
  • Sticky candy — Anything sticky is another potential problem for denture wearers since it can cause the teeth to dislodge
  • Nuts — This one is hard for many people who wear dentures, but the problem is that nuts can cause the teeth to become unstable and small pieces can stick between gaps
  • Seeded bread — A lot of people love bread with sesame or poppy seeds scattered on top, but this creates a potential problem of the tiny specks becoming stuck between the teeth and the gums
  • Steak — Denture wearers can eat steak, but they need to take extra small bites and chew well to avoid causing the teeth to destabilize
  • Raw fruits and vegetables — Any hard foods like carrots and apples can lead to discomfort when biting down, as well as dislodging the dentures
  • Nut butter — Whether peanut, cashew or almond, any type of nut sticks to dentures

Do not feel discouraged

It is not to say that the foods mentioned are absolutely forbidden, just that denture wearers need to eat them with caution. However, there is a long list of foods considered completely acceptable. For instance, instead of popcorn, a person could choose air-popped snacks. People who wear dentures can also replace nuts with delicious olives. As for bread, simply select options without any seeds added.

Enjoy meals with new dentures

Just because you wear dentures does not mean you have to cut out all your favorite foods. You just need to decide how much hassle you are willing to go through when making your selections. However, with an abundance of options and alternatives, you will still enjoy meals at home or while dining out. Talk to your dentist about this topic if you still have concerns.

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