What Age Should I Consider a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction is something that almost nobody looks forward to, but it is often necessary to have in order to maintain good oral and dental health. The wisdom teeth are typically in the back of the mouth and can cause a great deal of pain as they begin to come in. They tend to disrupt a person’s life because there is not always room for them within a person’s mouth, hence the reason the pain occurs.

Almost everyone has to have their wisdom teeth extracted in order for their oral and dental health to remain in good shape. However, knowing when wisdom tooth extraction should take place can vary, depending on the severity of the pain and each person’s situation. In this article, we discuss when you should consider having your wisdom teeth taken out.

When to consider a wisdom tooth extraction

The following outlines a timeline that most people can follow when it comes to wisdom tooth extraction.

There is not one age

In short, there is not one age when a person should consider having a wisdom tooth extraction. If the wisdom teeth have grown in, then an oral surgeon will likely want to remove them as soon as possible so they do not have time to put down strong roots. However, not all of them grow in simultaneously. And most oral surgeons would advise waiting in order to extract them all at once, as opposed to at separate times. This is because of the pain and disruption that extraction can cause.

Before you turn 25

Most oral surgeons recommend that wisdom tooth extraction happens before a person turns 25, so long as the wisdom teeth have actually come in, which is the case in most scenarios. Once a person turns 25, their bodies completely stop growing. The brain functions are developed, which means that the rest of the body has also fully developed.

Having the wisdom teeth extracted before 25 also ensures that the teeth do not have that many years to grow. Most people do not begin to get their wisdom teeth until their teenage years. Removing them before their roots are fully grown can help the process go smoother and be less painful.


Wisdom tooth extraction can be postponed if a person is not experiencing any symptoms from the wisdom teeth coming in. Most oral surgeons advise having the wisdom teeth extracted regardless, because they could cause further problems later on down the line.

It is important to note that waiting too long, such as past the age of 25, can be risky. While it is possible for them to be removed, there may be complications that occur such as longer healing times or a significant increase in pain.

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